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Getting Started with Report Upgrade


Main Menu

Main menu is available at Dashboard Builder and Home. To open the main menu, move your mouse over the MENU bar on the left side of your screen.  





Click on menu item to go into individual module.




Dashboard Builder


Dashboard is the final product for business users to consume including dashboard components and reports. Dashboard Builder is the module to create or modify dashboards.


Report Builder


Report is a printable and exportable product for business users to consume. Report Builder is the module to create or modify reports.


Data Connection Management


Import new or updated Salesforce objects and fields. Create or modify external data connections.


User Management


Manage Report Upgrade users or portal users who doesn't have Salesforce account.  


Open Dashboard from folder


Open an existing dashboard from personal or public folders.


Reload Currently Open Dashboard


Reload currently open dashboard to get the most current data or reset component selections.


Edit Bookmarks


Move or delete personal bookmarks.






The Toolbar is located at the top of the Dashboard and appears like this:




Notice there are small gray dots located in the middle of the Toolbar. If you click on this, the Tool bar will be hidden from view, giving you more space to view your dashboard.



Setting up Your Folders


To find a saved and stored dashboard, go to the File tab on your top tool bar and click on the Open button.


Imagem 2


Once selected, a pop-up will appear that shows two main folders: Personal Dashboards and Public Dashboards. To expand each folder, select the small plus sign next to each.


Imagem 3


The Public Dashboard folder contains dashboards that are shared with all of the Report Upgrade users in your organization. The Personal Dashboard folder contains dashboards that only you have access to.


You can create a Bookmark, copy a dashboard or delete a dashboard by selecting the dashboard name and right-clicking to display a pop-up window.





Once you have located the dashboard you want to open, select it and click OK.


Imagem 4


Using the Bookmarks Bar


To open your Bookmarks Bar, move your mouse over the MENU bar on the left side of your dashboard. 


Imagem 79


The Bookmarks Bar will pop out to become visible. To hide the Bookmarks Bar simply move your mouse out of the MENU bar area or click on the cross (X) button on the top right corner. The Bookmarks Bar works much like a bookmarks bar in your web browser. Select any Bookmark from the bar to go directly to that dashboard.


Imagem 80




How Do I Create a Bookmark?


To create a Bookmark, go to your Public or Personal Dashboard folders and select the dashboard you want to Bookmark. Right click on the dashboard and select Create Bookmark.

Imagem 5



You will see that the dashboard is added to your Bookmarks Bar once the page reloads.



Imagem 81



To modify the Bookmarks Barclick on the Pencil Icon at the top of the Bar.



Imagem 82



You can now customize the Bookmarks to reorder or delete any Bookmarks you don’t want and then save changes. To move a Bookmark simply select the Bookmark and drag and drop it into the line-up where you want it.



Imagem 83



Once in place, click the Save button and the Pencil Icon again to close Edit mode.



Imagem 84